The opportunist

Today was the first of my June volunteering sessions. “Digital Skills for Women in Manchester,” aims to help unemployed women in Greater Manchester.

I enjoyed my first day :), learn’t a few things about web development CSS and HTML coding. The courses were in the Manchester City Library which is open to the general public. A few people walked past during the session, some stood there for a while listening to what was being taught. Out of curiosity I presume. The guy the photograph particularly stood out to me and I somewhat felt inspired by him. He saw an opportunity to learn something, a chance to develop himself and he took it. I believe we are all given ques, clues, chances and choices to change or improve our lives everyday and its up to us to take them. He could have just walked past like the many people that did but he decided to make the most of it. I began to reflect on my own everyday situations and I started to wonder how many opportunities I might be missing by simply not taking a second look. I guess the main thing I learnt from him is to do what you want no matter how daunting it may seem and to welcome every opportunity. Not only did this man gain something from today, he also inspired someone along the way. Me. 

More info about the Digital Skills project: